Nicholas Whitlam's new book is entitled FOUR WEEKS ONE SUMMER.

In the summer of 1936, over just for weeks, it all went wrong - for democracy and for Spain, even for the British royals.  Politicians failed, and Hitler was emboldened to plan a new European war, and more.

"What a remarkable book..." Ben Ball, Publishing Director, Penguin Australia

"...books of powerful storytelling...[can] give you a whole new window into a moment or sweep of history...[such as] David Sobel's Longitude...Mark Kurlansky's Salt...and John Dukac's Five Days in London.  It's among that distinguished company that Nick Whitlam's book comfortably sits."  Mark Colvin,  ABC Radio

"To tell this fascinating story...Whitlam has adopted a diary record contemporary events episodically, moving from scene to scene, from plot to a sub-plot, from one country to another.  The result is a cleverly constructed, well-researched, highly entertaining and edifying book...All in all, for educators and history buffs in particular, this book is something to saviour."  Ross Fitzgerald, Emeritus Professor of History and Politics, Griffith University

The book may be purchased via Amazon or Book Depository - or direct from the publisher here: